Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Procam's globally integrated supply chain offerings include a network of Air Freight, Sea Freight and Inland Transportation services, value-added services like freight optimization, planning of schedule of shipments, documentation, shipment tracking, e-services and strategic expertise. All of these activities are achieved through a vast network of globally reliable Airlines and Shipping Lines. Our experts provide customized, time bound, seamless and integrated supply chain solutions for your global logistics needs.

Air Freight

At Procam, our Air Freight Service is second-to-none. With a worldwide network of agents and affiliates, our international reach is first-class and it ensures a smooth and seamless import or export delivery every time.

Our Years of experience helps us to evaluate all possible scenarios and come out with the best possible solution of choice: Be it consolidation with premium operators on established routes, chartered services and deferred or direct air services. All can be arranged hassle free as per our customer's requirement.

Container Freight

Procam's highly-experienced team has the solution ready to make your container freight movement a hassle free sailing all along be it import or export. Organizing the Container freight can be an extremely complex task but at Procam we make it happen with ease. Be it LCL (Less than Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load), we will find the optimal solution to suit your schedule and your budget.

Door to Door Movement

Procam with it's worldwide network of experienced & efficient Agents and Affiliates is very well positioned in offering direct Door-to-Door solutions . Our focus has always been on delivering the best and most reliable service in the market. This is based on a reliable sailing schedule, highly motivated and skilled staff in combination with our land side operation based on trucks, railway connections and Short Sea movements (Barging) with the single motive of in-time and safe delivery of cargo as per our customer's desire.

Third Country Cross border movements

Procam offers geographically diverse cross border trade movements. We provide cross border movements at the most optimized & competitive rates, impeccable documentation, efficacious transportation and on time delivery of every shipment. Our Cross Border Trade offerings cover a very vast geographical area., these innovative offerings are based on customer requirements and are impeccably designed to safeguard our customer's interest at all times

Special Equipment

One of Procam's highly skilled expertise areas is to cater to the niche market of shipping ODC/OOG cargoes on Special Equipment (Flat Racks and Open Top Containers ) as an cost effective alternative solution to the conventional Breakbulk service. Time and again this solution proves to be cost effective and efficient to shippers as their cargoes can be shipped on regular container vessels within shorter transit times.

Project Cargo Management

Procam adopts a Project Management Approach to address clients' Project Cargo requirements. Stress is on deployment of the right methodology and process all the way from conceptualization to delivery. Our Project Solutions methodology describes every phase, activity and task within the Project Life Cycle and includes repeatable processes and document templates which ensure that the project deliverables are met efficiently.

Industry Specific Solutions

Procam is a leading specialist in providing global transportation solutions and total logistics management of project related cargoes. With highly trained and experienced professionals Procam has the required skills and solution sets to cater to specific industry requirements in the execution of large scale project verticals in Oil & Gas, Power (Wind . Thermal , Hydro, Solar) , Automotive, Heavy Engineering , Metals & Mining , Steel & Cement sectors.

Cross Border Logistics Feasibility study

With a diverse network of agents & affiliates across geographies & continents, Procam has the capacity and capability to offer cross border feasibility studies in respect to route feasibility for movement of large size equipment, information & related data on handling equipment availability and Port Infrastructure which are extremely important & vital set of information in Logistical planning of any large size project specially in Hinter land areas and lesser developed countries.

Custom Brokerage and compliance

Procam has an extremely capable team of professionals handling Custom Brokerage activity. Not only in India but across the globe our specialist Partners are well equipped with spot on knowledge and data necessary for meeting custom compliance and statutory compliances enabling our customers to a swift & hassle free movement of cargo over the border.

Freight Optimization and Delivery

With years of experience gained, Procam has developed solutions wherein the freight cost & delivery timeline can be optimized as per projects & customer requirements enabling customer to save on unwanted deployment cost overruns and thus making customers happy & satisfied.

Project logistic planning and implementation

Large size projects happen once in a life time for most organizations. Such activity requires special skills , process & equipment access and years of operational expertise to deliver perfection.

Before any equipment is moved, thousands of hours are required to plan the hundreds of details that will guide the eventual shipment, plus any large-scale disassembly and reassembly that might be required. At Procam we have developed the required expertise needed for complete project planning & implementation, including pre planning support to the customers helping them to prepare well in advance for any challenges and difficulties; enabling smooth execution.

Vessels Chartering

Our comprehensive Vessels Chartering solutions provide you with the resources, expertise and assets to effectively tackle your most complex logistics transportation challenges. Our service offering includes vessel selection and planning, coastal movement, cross border movements and industry specific operations for all type of project cargo including General Cargo, Heavy Lifts, Over dimensional etc. We are equipped with the required fleet to handle your various land, air and sea transportation needs.

Industry Specific Operations

Procam offers very safe and comprehensive Vessel Chartering Services for Projects Cargo ODC, Super ODC and also for items that would normally not be transported as containerized or conventional cargo on a liner vessel for various industry verticals like Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering , Power , Steel & Cement verticals. Service offering are for Project Freight, individual Heavy lifts, Full & Part vessel cargos, voyage & time critical shipments.

Vessel Selection Planning

Handling and Shipping Large & ODC packages is a very daunting & critical activity. A small mistake can ruin years of planning and can cause enormous project delays. In every such shipment it is extremely important that you choose the right kind of vessel for carrying such critical cargos. Procam with its vast base of Ship Owners, Brokers and its qualified & highly experienced professionals is always willing to extend such support services to it's clients. Depending upon Client's requirement, we can offer appropriate vessels with desired lifting capacities, design & provide appropriate lifting gears (if required) and also assist in providing lifting, loading drawings and Stowage planning services.

Third Country Cross Border movements

Procam enjoys excellent relationships with premium carries, brokers & heavy lift agents across the globe and is very well equipped to provide vessel chartering services for anywhere to anywhere third country movements

Coastal Movement

India is fast growing as a manufacturing hub for Projects related equipment and coastal shipping & movements are fast gaining a lot more importance. With our longstanding relationships with barge operators & shipowners, we have performed very competitive , effective & safe coastal cargo delivery movements.